What We Do

Helping Our Young People Become Their Best Selves

No-Prep Lessons

We provide a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) digital platform and print curriculum for students in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-12. Developed by educators, our user-friendly No-Prep Lessons provide meaningful content in an easy-to-deliver format. Classroom activities lead to consequential discussions, student writings, literature tie-ins, and include home activity components to engage families.

Monthly Focused Themes

Nine Positive Behavior Skills, respect, responsibility, gratitude, self-control, grit, courage, encouragement, compassion, and integrity, are delivered via an interactive format, including writing prompts, videos, physical activities, and at-home components to include important adults in the lives of students and involve them in discussions. At-home family activities are also available in Spanish with a simple click of a button.

"I use TrueSuccess in my classroom and bring in personal connections with the lessons. It builds relationships with my students and creates a sense of belonging in my classroom."

- Courtney, Middle School Teacher

Educator & Administrator Support

Personalized ongoing implementation support is available predicated on mindful flexibility at varying levels based upon the unique needs of each school building. This includes the use of on-line data analytics to ensure that TrueSuccess curriculum is being used at the highest level of efficacy.