Case Studies – Mindful Flexibility/Integration

Case Studies

Mindful Flexibility/Integration

Grant Middle School

Grant Middle School (grades 5th-8th) began using TrueSuccess planners for all of their Tier 1 students and at the same time, their reading/math interventionists met daily with Tier 2 students during elective time in what they call SEL Labs, using the TrueSuccess content. They met 4 days a week for 25 minutes each day. The word spread about the SEL Labs and Tier 1 students wanted to be able to experience them, as well. Now, heading into Year 2, all of the 5th grade classroom teachers are looking to teach TrueSuccess at a Tier 1 level to all students. Tom Hillis, a 6th grade SEL Lab instructor, along with the other SEL Lab instructors, have been nominated for an award based on their work developing and implementing these Labs. When asked about TrueSuccess, Tom said, "I love it. I have found that students are usually very engaged in the topics being discussed. Perhaps this is because the course covers topics that relate to ‘real-life’ and situations we encounter daily. The videos, stories, and writing tasks are usually about students that are of a similar age to my students.” Tom’s creativity, use of bulletin board promotion, family connections, and his engaging discussions with students are all perfect examples how educators can utilize different approaches to the delivery of TrueSuccess content.

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